Three sisters, lightly dusted with snow, with beautiful blue gradient sky, with foreground grasses and trees
Photo of Lisa smiling with background foliage

I have dedicated my career, both as an academic and a practitioner, to developing and administering natural resource and environmental programs. I completed my doctorate, which focused on collaborative water management in Oregon. My research focused on collaborative processes, along with the policies and institutions that support them; my work was aimed at uncovering the secrets to successful cooperation among disparate interests working on resource management issues.

I am trained in mediation, facilitation, and conflict resolution, and am practiced in the art of collaborating in multi- or interdisciplinary team efforts aimed at solving some of the world’s most vexing problems. Additionally, as an experienced educator, I am not only skilled designing curriculum, but I am also a comfortable and competent public speaker. I am adept at relaying complicated information in easily understandable terms for virtually any audience, including in Spanish.

I am passionate about bridging the gap between science and policy. In an era of unprecedented global change, disparate interests must collaborate, and we must adapt or create policies that address the wicked problems facing our planet. I am working hard to make these goals a reality.

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