“Lisa is smart and really cares about Bend. She will work hard to stop wasteful spending, to keep your taxes and utility bills low, and to make Bend more affordable for all our residents.” – Jim Clinton, Mayor of Bend

“Seales has the skills, brains and experience in collaborative water management to make a valuable contribution to the city.” – The Bulletin, Oct. 12 2014

“The choice is clear for Bend City Council. When it comes to preserving our quality of life and protecting Bend from out-of-control growth, vote for Nathan Boddie, Lisa Seales, and Barb Campbell.” – Nikki Roemmer, Oregon League of Conservation Voters

“Having known Lisa my entire life, rest assured that she will bring an inclusive approach to her position. Methodical in analytics, intelligent, and sensible, she is what we ask of all representatives. None of the issues facing the community have simple answers, and Lisa is the kind of person you want in the debate.” – Adam McCarthy, Veteran US Army Captain

“Seales is an organized leader, endlessly curious, and determined to change the world. As a museum educator and manager at Portland Art Museum, I know how incredibly important it is to fight for the causes you love, breathing energy and passion into helping our communities thrive. Bend would be so lucky to have her working on City Council!” – Amy Gray, Portland Art Museum Community Manager

We have something special here in the High Desert.

I’m running for City Council – Position #6 to ensure the best of Bend and Central Oregon is preserved and strengthened for all residents, and all communities. ¬†Our cultural heritage, our natural environment, the regional economy, the iconic beauty and local character here are all critical parts of the equation.

I’m uniquely poised to integrate these components and provide leadership for a continually prosperous, healthy community during these times of social and environmental change into the future.

Please get in touch if you’d like to help shape or contribute to this vision with your time, skills, or other input.

In Service,
Lisa Seales

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